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* Workshops will take place as usual at the Schwarzer Kanal at the sundays listed further down at 2pm, and are open to refugees and asylum seekers in the Berlin and Brandenburg area who would like to repair and build up bicycles for themselves.
* Please come in time, so that there is enough time to repair the bike. sometimes, its also necessary to come twice cause the bike is not ready after one day.
* Please email in advance if u know that u want to come to a repair date. Its not necessary for joining the workshop, but makes it easier for us to plan the rapair days.
* Sometimes more people would like to join the worshop than possible, cause of limited capacities. If so, women will be preferred.

these are the „repair-sundays“, workshops start at 2 pm!

12.6. and 19.6.
17.7. and 24.7.
14.8. and 28.8.
11.9. and 25.9.
9.10. and 23.10.

Lageplan Schwarzer Kanal